Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, Provides Advice For Those Told to Lower Their Cholesterol Level

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, is a cardiac doctor who has told many patients that they should work to lower their cholesterol levels. Knowing that elevated cholesterol levels can raise a person’s risk of heart disease, people are often anxious to get to work on lowering those levels. The problem is a lot of people don’t know what to do. In today’s blog, Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, will provide some immediate steps people can take to lower their cholesterol levels.

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, knows from experience that people can always lower their cholesterol levels if they are willing to do the work. There’s no lifestyle change that can be done for a day that will make everything better; it takes a dedication to lifestyle changes, and those results are often seen within the first six weeks of cleaner living. Some people are genetically linked to higher blood pressure levels and these patients may need to consider a medication, but they still are wise to make healthier lifestyle choices before turning to a daily pill.

The kitchen is where the majority of progress can be made toward lower cholesterol levels. Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, recommends looking through the fridge, freezer, and cabinets for anything with trans fats. Trans fat has close to zero nutritional value and can rapidly raise a person’s cholesterol levels. In addition to throwing out what is presently located inside a person’s home, they should look to read labels moving forward during their grocery store visits. There are a few items that may surprise shoppers to see trans fats on the label. Eliminating these foods will provide a person with significant benefits, especially if their previous diet was packed with meals featuring trans-fat.

The next thing a doctor like Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, is likely to suggest is weight loss. Again, the majority of the work in weight loss is completed in the kitchen. Those who have dessert every night should look to cut dessert from their daily routine. Those who routinely go back for seconds should look to prioritize portion control. There’s also plenty of foods that are known to be packed with nutrition that will have a person feeling full for longer. Loading up on foods rich in fiber is a great way to fight off the urge to open the pantry and find a snack. Weight loss does not have to be drastic. People should look to lose a pound or two a week and just stay on the proper course. For those who drink soda, one of the best things to do is switch to carbonated water or just water. There are more calories in soft drinks than many people realize. Making this dietary shift can have a lasting impact on one’s ability to not only shed weight but maintain a healthy weight.

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD, encourages everyone to live an active lifestyle. The minimum requirement for exercise is under three hours per week, but it’s more than acceptable to get into a routine of walking, running, or playing a sport daily. Not only does getting the body moving help shed weight, but it also helps shed stress. When people are stressed out, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels can skyrocket. Other great ways to reduce stress are to try meditation, get lost in a good book, or simply find the time to spend in nature.

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