Dr. Zachary F. Solomon

Dr. Zachary F. Solomon

Welcome to the website of Dr. Zachary F. Solomon. As a cardiac Doctor, Zachary Solomon is always looking to provide heart health awareness. It can be sobering to realize that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. This site will provide Dr. Zachary F. Solomon with an outlet to share basic information on heart disease and guide people toward actionable steps they can take to reduce their risk of heart disease. From a very basic perspective, here’s what you can do to prevent the risk of heart disease:

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Exercise at least three times a week.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and body mass index.
  • Never smoke and stay away from secondhand smoke.
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Take steps to prioritize your mental health and manage stress.

Dr. Zachary F Solomon on Signs You Are at Risk for Heart Disease

  • You have diabetes.
  • You have elevated cholesterol levels.
  • You are a frequent smoker.
  • You struggle with obesity.
  • You are a man over the age of 45.
  • You are a woman over the age of 55.
  • You have a family history of heart disease.

While Dr. Zachary Solomon acknowledges that there is a plethora of risk factors for heart disease, he also believes that the more people know about heart disease, the better prepared they are in reducing their risk of contracting the disease. For instance, most people who talk about heart disease are talking about coronary heart disease of CHD. Coronary heart disease impacts the tubes in the body that take the blood to the heart. These tubes (arteries) become narrowed or blocked, most commonly from cholesterol and fatty materials. This is why it is so important for people to stay on top of their trips to their Doctor. When a Doctor can identify high cholesterol levels in the blood or too much sugar in the blood because of diabetes, they can map out a plan to help alleviate these symptoms. Before anyone needs to turn to medication, they should see what a shift in diet and an increase in exercise can do for their body.

Because of the prevalence of heart disease, Dr. Zachary F. Solomon believes it is critical to understand the signs of a heart attack. People who understand the signs of a heart attack can provide themselves with the greatest opportunity to survive the event. Heart attacks are a result of a sudden blockage of blood flow to the heart. While some heart attacks do come suddenly, others occur after several warning signs occur. Dr. Zachary F. Solomon encourages every patient to be aware of warning signs, such as:

  • A squeezing or feeling of pressure in the left side or center of the chest.
  • A tightness or discomfort in the upper body. This is most commonly felt in the arms, but can also occur in the back, jaw, neck, shoulders, and upper abdominal region.
  • Shortness of breath while in a resting state.
  • Experiencing cold sweats or bouts of extreme exhaustion.

The first thing anyone should do when they notice themselves or another person experiencing the signs of a heart attack is to call for help. An ambulance from 911 is typically the best option as this will not only guarantee a person is seen quicker in the hospital, but the EMT’s in the ambulance will be able to start potential life-saving treatments in real-time during the drive to the medical facility. Most medical professionals will also recommend taking an aspirin when heart attack symptoms occur.

Of course, the goal is to avoid ever reaching the point where a heart attack occurs. Again, this is where regularly visiting a primary doctor or a cardiac doctor like Zachary Solomon is so critical. They cannot only check blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but they can also share target numbers that a person should maintain. When people understand where they should be, it becomes much more likely that they will take the necessary steps to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A primary doctor will also be able to have discussions about family heart health history and whether or not medicine or a daily aspirin is a good idea. Dr. Zachary F. Solomon implores everyone reading his website to consult a doctor before making radical shifts, especially when it comes to incorporating a daily pill into one’s routine.

In future blog posts, Dr. Zachary Solomon will look to offer more information that people can use to take actionable steps to improve their heart health. For instance, there are certain exercise routines that are great for improving cardiac health. There’s also plenty of food recipes that are packed with flavor as well as heart healthy nutrition. Many people think they have to make vast dietary sacrifices in order to lower their risk of heart disease, but Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends shifting the mindset to all of the benefits one can gain from prioritizing their heart health. Not only can they likely expand their time on earth, but people can also improve their quality of life.

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