Beyond the Gym: Incorporating Physical Activity into Daily Life

dr. zachary f solomon

In a time where it’s easy to access other people’s exercise routines and physique goals through an internet search, it motivates many to start their own fitness journey.

But does everyone have the time and access to what the fitness influencers do?

Most likely, no, they don’t – not many have several hours to dedicate to exercising, and not everyone has a home gym.

Therefore, how can people live healthier without changing much of their lifestyle?

Dr. Zachary F. Solomon delves into the world of fitness – and how easy it is to be healthy through simple physical activities.

Fitness is a Broad Term

Ask a weightlifter to define fitness. They’ll most likely say someone who has muscle mass. To marathon runners, they’ll probably say having the endurance. To dietitians, it’s a balanced diet.

While a healthy or balanced diet is easy to practice, exercising is an activity not many have the time for.

But how can people be more active without spending hours in the gym?

Physical Activities That Aid in Fitness

Any fitness enthusiast – whether they’re associated with a gym or not – will recommend people to stay active. To them, as much as they can make money from having more customers, having people prioritize their fitness is still their priority.

Therefore, they often recommend these simple physical activities:

Walking or Cycling

There’s a reason why simple tasks such as walking or cycling are Olympic sports – even though people commonly do these, they can still be exhausting. And in the fitness world, people don’t exactly fear fatigue or discomfort – as activities like these are excellent forms of cardio.

As such, to utilize the benefits of walking or cycling, try going to work by biking there. Moreover, if the destination isn’t too far, try walking when going there instead.

Not only do cardio exercises improve heart health, but they also help burn fat that primarily aids in weight loss.

Moreover, muscle training or building is also possible – without gym equipment.

Strength Training

No – or not enough – weight plates? That’s fine. Lifting everyday objects can boost muscle growth. However, if weight options aren’t available, lift perhaps the most readily available one: body weight.

Not sure which exercises to engage in? Try these:

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Planks
  • Squats
  • Sit-ups
  • Crunches
  • Lunges

However, if these repetitive movements seem too boring, try dancing.

dr. zachary f solomon


Dancing also requires people to be physically active without having to stick to repetitive movements too much. Depending on the dance moves, it can consist of both cardio and strength training.

Moreover, the type of dance can also vary in intensity. For faster fat-burning benefits, try a fast-paced dance – it’s similar to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). But dancing to laid-back tunes can benefit people, too – it may not be as exhausting, but it still helps develop endurance.

Final Thoughts

Fitness is for everyone – whether or not they have the time or budget to visit the gym regularly. Fortunately, people who aspire to get fit can do it in the comfort of their homes or through already familiar physical activities.

Lastly, physical activity is beneficial for everyone. However, for a more effective workout routine, seek the help of a reliable fitness trainer. As always, it’s best to also speak to a physician before starting any kind of fitness routine.

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