Balancing Act: Juggling Fitness Goals with a Busy Lifestyle

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Americans don’t partake in enough physical activity every week. And there’s a good reason for that — work pressures, social lives, children, and general chores fill schedules incredibly quickly, giving people next to no time to work on themselves. However, health should be number one priority for everybody, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate movement into even the busiest of lifestyles.

From exercising first thing in the morning to embracing HIIT to scheduling gym sessions like meetings, experts like Dr. Zachary Solomon MD provide a wealth of tips to make fitness goals easier to achieve amid the chaos.

Make Movement the First Priority of the Day

Getting up early and taking care of exercise goals before getting caught up in day-to-day activities is the best way to guarantee movement.

Not only is it great for helping busy people stick to their fitness routine, but it’s also fantastic for boosting the metabolism. Research shows morning workouts on an empty or near-empty stomach acts as a jump-start for the metabolism, letting the body break down stored fats faster.

Granted, first-thing workouts aren’t possible for everybody. So, they should instead…

Embrace HIIT for Shorter, More Efficient Workouts

Regardless of particular fitness goals, HIIT (a.k.a., high-intensity interval training) grants brilliant health benefits with minimal time consumption.

For best results, individuals should go all out for 20 seconds, followed by a 40- to 50-second rest period. Completing this for 10 to 15 rounds with a five- or ten-minute warm-up and cool-down burns a bunch of calories and keeps the metabolism kicking for several hours after the fact. Perfect for those without hours to spare.

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD

Schedule Workouts Like Meetings

Busy professionals should treat every workout as a meeting or appointment, including it in their calendar. That way, individuals are less likely to cancel the gym to do something else and can prioritize health without taking up ad-hoc portions of their day.

Literally Run Any Errands

Taking the “running errands” phrase literally helps sprinkle physical activity into hectic days. Children can be placed in strollers, so parents can run easily with them, stopping off at the grocery store, daycare, and wherever else they need to visit.

Use Lunch Breaks Wisely

Many workplaces are shrinking the lunch break, so this won’t work for everybody. But for those who can, going for a walk while others are chowing down burns extra calories and helps increase weekly activity levels.

Upon returning to work, it’s best to eat raw vegetables with a protein shake or meal bar. That way, the walked-off calories aren’t replaced by fast food.

Dr. Zachary Solomon, MD

Sweat With the Kids

Children often have extracurricular activities demanding movement. While they’re doing that, parents can be running, cycling, doing circuits, or getting another type of movement in.


In the ceaseless rush of modern life, it’s easy to let exercise slip through the cracks. Prioritizing physical activity isn’t just about sculpting our bodies, it’s about nurturing our minds, enhancing our productivity, and safeguarding our long-term health.

It’s an investment in ourselves that pays dividends in every aspect of our lives. So, let’s take that crucial step towards a healthier, happier future, and make exercise a non-negotiable part of our daily routine. Remember, it’s not just a choice, it’s a commitment to our own well-being and vitality. Embrace it and let your journey to a healthier you begin.

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